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Pincel vs. Pixel

24 February 1986
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So, one time there was this epic road trip to Portugal. We nearly crashed our tiny Citroen C2 tire-screeching up vertical streets in Lisbon, perfected our caipirinha wobble across cobblestone, and saw a lot of kick-ass graffiti. It was a difficult decision between Mickey Mouse shouting obscenities and Pincel vs. Pixel, but in the end, pretty colors won out. What can I say? I like yellow.

And I don't really think it's Pincel versus Pixel. Just don't think I'm going to throw away pen and paper anytime soon.


I love tea parties, learning, and long vacations without any fixed plans. I have many Life Plans, including living in a castle with my best friend and our harem of attractive men (she will be a spy and I will be a housekeeper/tour guide), road-tripping across Spain in search of Lautaro Bolaño...

For the time being, I'm a graduate student cultivating my talent for reading criticism on the subway and YA when I should be working. These skills will one day get me a job, I'm sure of it.
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